Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Whole New Line of Idea's!

As I posted yesterday, I found this design and fell in love with it because of my prior dance days so I bought it. I had no clue what I was going to put it on, I new I would figure something out, and I did! I stitched it out on a cloth canvas napkin and I am going to either stretch frame it, or frame it and make a wall hanging for a friend of mine! This led me to so many other idea's...for my nursery (noooo I don't need it yet) and for my sisters (yes she needs it!! LOL) Anyways- Here it is...I can't find my ruffler foot, so I used ribbon and I love the way it turned out! I think Miss Emma will like it too!!

I don't know why it looks so wrinkled, I ironed it before and after???

If you have to have this design too, it is still on sale!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

New Designs!

A while back I bought this design. I just love it, and can not wait for an excuse to use it. I think I have the perfect idea, and after next week (when I finish my new job training, I will only be working one job from now on) I will have way more time for my embroidery, and SewMacy! Anyways, back to today, Jacki at Embroitique sent out an e-mail to all of her subscribers showing two new designs. Being a ballarina (ok, so I only took dance for 2 or 3 years back in my pre-teens) I fell in love with the Princess Gown, it just reminded me of my tu-tu days, and just had to have it! I am going to put all of my to-do's on hold for tomorrow and will be back to show you once I have it stitched out! Ohhhh and it's on sale right now too, so that is always a nice benifit, not to mention that all of her designs stitch out beautifuly, this is the site that I got Knox's birthday banner from!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Orders and Testing!

Last week I had family in town so I didn't get much done in my embroidery room! I did however figure out what was screwing up my machine, and I think I fixed it! I called one place to see how much to have it cleaned and they quoted me $ needless to say I will need to find a different place!

I believe that I am changing jobs at the end of the month, so that will leave me wayyyyy more time to work in my sewing room! I will go from 2 (was going to be 3 jobs in May) to 1 full time job! I am very excited!

Now on the the goods~ Tonight I will finish a VERY large custom order and show you guys pictures next time. But I have been testing, Lisa from Pickle Pie Designs asked me to test an unicorn. Now, when I was little I was never into unicorns so I had no clue what color of fabric to use, but I LOVE the way my unicorn turned out! I could so see this on a much so, that I might just have to make one!!

Then she asked me to test ladybugs. Let me tell you that these ladybugs stitch out so quickly, and darn it they are just cute!!

I am off to work....I will show you the order that I have been working on for the past 4 days on Friday! I LOVED the way that everything turned out!!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Back in the swing of things!

Last week was one of those weeks when life handed you lemmons, however the lemmons were you couldn't make lemonade! Do ya know what I mean??

This week will be better, I am SURE of it!

Let me start off by showing my gifts that I made for Easter:

I did Monogram TP for the first time, it was soooo much fun and people that I gave it to loved it! If you have not done embroidery on toilet paper you should try it!

Now on to a few new items that I added to my shop:
Hair Clips!! For the next 3 days, recieve FREE shipping!

(These were made in my machine minus the button and I got the file from here!)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Knox's Birthday Banner-Edited at bottom

My husband is going to kill me if he ever reads this, but I have to show you how Knox's Banner turned out. I finsihed it the night before reallly late, and knew I wouldn't have time to take a picture the next morning so I made my husband hold it up so I could get the best light, I know it's still not the best picture, but it looks awesome in person! When I saw the banners that everyone was making I knew I was going to make one for Knox (btw- Knox is my nephew, first baby in the fam, and oh so spoiled), I purchased the banner at, you can the their button to the left, when I purchased the banner a few weeks ago, I added the button because they have some awesome ITH projects.

So without further ado:

Just read my blog updates and found out the are doing a giveaway- go and read all about it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantastic Fun Friday Find

This week we have a great find!

30% off the "Gift" section at my etsy shop! Let me know if you need more than one item and I can and will set up a custom listing. Go shop.......

This week my husband was out of town so I had lots of extra time to do things that I wanted to do! Lisa from Pickle Pie Designs asked me to test some designs for her, and as always I told her "heck ya". I love testing designs, kinda fun being one of the first to stitch something out ya know??

So here they are:

"Cute Chick" Applique and Hair Prettie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, and thanks to Lisa I am now addicted to all things hair clips!!

Then we have the "boys" version: (Which can be a pin for pencil topper)
"Chick Magnet"

And last but not least, a Party Hat Hair Prettie:

These should be released soon!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow!

I have to work both jobs today and then pick my husband up, so stay tuned for tomorrow's special! Last week it was a fun fan day, what will tomorrow bring??

I will also be showing you what I have been up to this week, a little hit is posted above!