Monday, January 11, 2010

Everyone else is doing it!

Well I finally followed a trend and started a blog, however I am sure my sister Brittney wishes it was a fashion trend! Last fall I got the bug to purchase an embroidery machine after make lots of burp clothes, and after winning big in Vegas, I was able to purchase a Brother HD240. Now with the budget that I had, this was the best machine I could find after countless hours of research, and I LOVE it. However, I REALLLLLLLYYYYYYY already have "hoop envy" and want a bigger machine! Hopefully my sales on etsy shop found here will take off and I will be able to purchase a bigger machine.

I have lots of plan, lots of favorite items, and lots to share but I can't overload you in the first post so I will leave you with my favorite item of the day! (As I write that I don't even have followers, so I don't even have anyone to overload)


  1. Too cute, Macy! I'm already impressed! Gonna go check you out on etsy now, too :)

  2. Aww Thank You! Apparently after re-reading my blog I need to re-read it more before posting. LOL