Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Patterns you asked? Sure I got 'um....

Approximately 200 pictures have been taken tonight, uploaded to photobucket, and then priced. I am tuckered out! And to think that I have something like 2 more boxes....and that's only the patterns. Then I have the fabric, buttons (a TON of buttons), zippers, elastic, and odds n ends to list. But, this is what could open the doors to my embroidery business that I want. No, I can't order the bigger machine I want, no I can't order the serger I want. BUT I can order the embroidery blanks that I need, I can buy the towels that I want, and I might have a lil fabric stash myself! Not to mention the patterns that didn't even make it to listing! haha....

Now about those patterns, here are the links:

Now, I know that I only have two followers, however I know you two have PLEASE feel free to spread the word about the great pattern sale....and then the great button sale...etc!

Now I am off to read emails and do the things that need to be done. Instead of eye candy, tonight I leave you with what my rec room looks like! HAHA


  1. I will post this on my blog next week and hopefully you'll get some sales.