Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Serger Wanted But Not Needed

Two years ago when I met Ryan he asked what hobbies I had? I answered, "Well I LOVE ro read". He told me that reading was not a hobby! When I moved in with him, I had nothing to do if he was at work, so again he brought up the subject of a hobby. I again told him that I am NOT a crafty person, I like to read. Fast forward a year; his Mom, Step-Dad, Ryan and I went to Canton. I found pet beds for $5.00 a piece, I bought 4 because we have 4 dogs. I got them home and the puppies made what I called "a sleep number bed" the first night we had them! They just tore them to pieces! Well Ryan just happened to have a sewing machine (don't even ask me why!) in the storage unit and told me that I needed to make them new ones! Well that is all it took! I have been sewing for about a year now. And to think that I FAILED sewing in highschool with a 69! Now fast forward a year:
I am currently using what we call the "babies" room for my sewing. When we have a real baby I am in trouble! I have a sewing machine and an embroidery/sewing machine, and as of last night I would KILL to add a serger! It is not any big secret that I CAN NOT cut straight, and a serger cuts it as it sews it: ALL STRAIGHT! The things I could do.....I did find a used one on craigslist for $75.00 but after last nights purchase of about 59 boxes of fabric (I will get to that in a minute) my "embroidery" account is gone. So the serger is a far away thought right now.

Now 59 boxes give or take of fabric:
Found a listing on craigslist for a large lot of fabric. Being a "Murray" and do things the right way, I asked the guy "How much for everything?" needless to say we worked out a deal, and if he delivers tonight at 6:30 I will be the new owner of an 18 foot trailer (59 or so boxes) full of fabric! I am going to sort, organize, take pictures and sell everything that I don't want. And let me tell you I will be making some deals! I do not even have the space to keep that much fabric, let alone the money, so stay tuned for the fabric deal of the year!

On that note; I need to go and search craigslist..... I will leave you with some eye candy. Enjoy!

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  1. dang Macy! Maybe once you sell a bunch of it you can get that serger! Can't wait to see what you got!