Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yahoo and Photobucket

I am currently a little upset with Yahoo Groups. Apprently I obtained a nasty virus with malware and adware by visiting a yahoo group. It was such a nasty one that my husband Ryan had to reformat the computer and reload windows back onto the laptop! I almost freaked out thinking that I had lost all of my embroidery files! (Not to mention all of the bookkeeping that I do on the side for clients!) But never fear, I am good to go!

Now....drum roll please......I have uploaded the notions and started to upload the fabric that I have for sale. I still have about 8 more boxes that I need to measure and upload, but I am getting started. All fabric is pre-cut and $1.00 a yard. If the measurement was between a yard (ie; 1/2 yard) I rounded down. If you find yourslef wanting quite a bit of things, lets make a deal! I need this stuff out of my house!

I don't have any eyecandy to post today, however if you have a minute, check out my friend Nicole's blog, I would love to make what she made today!


  1. Awwwww. thanks Macy!
    I can't wait to see your fabric. I was looking for it yesterday after I saw your post on sewforum.

  2. I gave you a blog award today.

  3. Macy,
    I'm Nicole's Mom and I would love to buy the following patterns.
    Green Pepper F850 -$1
    Butterick 3417- 2 for $1
    Burda- 8380, $2
    Burda 8441- $2
    Burda 9841- $1
    Burda 9862- $1
    Burda 9837- 2 for $1
    Burda 8415 -$1
    Burda 8675 $2
    Burda 8446- $1
    Burda 9937- $1
    Burda 8382- $2
    Burda 8428- $1
    Burda 8435- $1
    Burda 8434- $1
    Let me know how to pay you. I live in The Colony so let me know how you want to do it.

  4. Beth,
    I have pulled those patterns for you, I need to check on one of them. I also have fabric...what is posted on photobucket and about 8 more boxes. Are you interested in any? You are more than welcome to come up (Celina is about 30 mins if that away) and go through it all....I am in lets make a deal mode!