Friday, February 5, 2010

Patience-Or Lack There Of!

I used to have all of the patience in the world~ I was going to be a teacher so I was going to need it. However, after working for a highly demanding lawyer, then a highly demanding EA, and then working with an even HIGHLY demanding father, I have zip zero zulch patience left.

But I am very slowly working at adding it. I need to make sure I have it back before kids, or I am going to be in for it!

Anyways- back to the point....Last night I received an email about a site that I LOVE to buy designs from, saying that they were having a .99 cent sale and 50% off the rest of the site. Well as Ryan would say "Who is Macy to turn down a sale?" so I motored on over there and got some of the most aswesomest (yes that is a word...just don't go look it up!)designs and I just have to share with you. this lollypop, gothic cross, and this cross.
I can NOT wait to try these out, hopefully this weekend. Plus my serger should be coming this weekend! WOOOHOOO AND the remodel on the living room, dining room should be done. Then if I can squeeze ONE more item, I may have to make some korker bows. See why I need patience? The remodel could go awry and nothing else could get done.....I just don't know if I have the patience for that!


  1. hey Macy... If you want to add a link to your blog.

    Type whatever you want it to say, highlight it, and then copy and paste the site you want it to go to and click the little world and paste in there.

    I want some of those 99 cent appliques, too. I love her site!

  2. Thank You! I tried to just insert the link before and it didn't work, I didn't know I could highlight what I wanted the link attached to!