Monday, March 29, 2010

Knox's Birthday Banner-Edited at bottom

My husband is going to kill me if he ever reads this, but I have to show you how Knox's Banner turned out. I finsihed it the night before reallly late, and knew I wouldn't have time to take a picture the next morning so I made my husband hold it up so I could get the best light, I know it's still not the best picture, but it looks awesome in person! When I saw the banners that everyone was making I knew I was going to make one for Knox (btw- Knox is my nephew, first baby in the fam, and oh so spoiled), I purchased the banner at, you can the their button to the left, when I purchased the banner a few weeks ago, I added the button because they have some awesome ITH projects.

So without further ado:

Just read my blog updates and found out the are doing a giveaway- go and read all about it!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantastic Fun Friday Find

This week we have a great find!

30% off the "Gift" section at my etsy shop! Let me know if you need more than one item and I can and will set up a custom listing. Go shop.......

This week my husband was out of town so I had lots of extra time to do things that I wanted to do! Lisa from Pickle Pie Designs asked me to test some designs for her, and as always I told her "heck ya". I love testing designs, kinda fun being one of the first to stitch something out ya know??

So here they are:

"Cute Chick" Applique and Hair Prettie...I LOVE LOVE LOVE these, and thanks to Lisa I am now addicted to all things hair clips!!

Then we have the "boys" version: (Which can be a pin for pencil topper)
"Chick Magnet"

And last but not least, a Party Hat Hair Prettie:

These should be released soon!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stay Tuned for Tomorrow!

I have to work both jobs today and then pick my husband up, so stay tuned for tomorrow's special! Last week it was a fun fan day, what will tomorrow bring??

I will also be showing you what I have been up to this week, a little hit is posted above!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Progress

Well all of the snow that I posted about sure put me majorly behind. Why you ask? Well Sunday morning we woke up and had about 7-8 inches in town. Now I don't know why, but on the outskirts of town they always have more....they had more like 10-12 inches, plus major wind that made huge snow drifts. So, back to the story at hand, my Husband and I were going to go to my Mom's restaurant, Home Depot (on Tuesday I threw out left over rice down the disposal...did you know that rice and plumbing don't mix, cuz I didn't)and then back home. First I had to go to a friends house and rescue some cats and take them to my Dad. Well as soon as we go onto a county road, things went bad! We were in a ditch in now time. A lot of people stopped and asked if they could help, but no one could get us I called a towing company. It took them an hour to get there, then an hour to get us out after getting stuck several times! So needless to say I ran about 2 hours behind ALL DAY!

I am currently working on business card holders from Friday's Fantastic Fun Fan Friday!

I have about 3 more to finsih! I also have to finish up my Craft It Forward- tissue holders

And I started making some pacifier hol
ders (LOVE making these!)

Plus I am working on some Easter presents, and testing designs for Lisa at Pickle Pie. I wish this could be my full time job!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Snow...Snow....and More Snow....

So yet again, we got more snow than they thought that we were going to get! It is suppose to stay until noon today, and then by Tuesday we are back by 70 degrees! Only in Texas I tell ya!!

Knox, my nephew turns one on Wednesday, and I made him this shirt to wear:

I think it turned "Chatty" from 8clawsandapaw!

Yesterday I made 5 business card holders that my fans "won" from Friday and spreading the word about my store, and today I have 3 orders to fill!

That is if I can stop looking outside!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Fantastic Fun Fan Friday!

Today is FANTASTIC FUN FAN FRIDAY! Post on your facebook and blog about being a fan of "It's Sew Macy" and follow my blog and get one of the following for free:
Business Card Holder

Tissue Holder

or choose 50% off a baby item in my store!

Just leave a comment here or on my facebook to let me know that you did it! This is not a contest, the point is to spread the word about my "new" shop, so everyone that does this will get a free item!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I made it!

Yesterday I found an awesome fan page on Etsy named, "Everything Etsy" and became a fan. Once a week they have an "I made it" day where people can link their blog on their page and show what they made, so here is what I have been doing:

About a month ago I was looking all over the internet for in the hoop designs and stumbled accross this wreath for St. Patty's Day. I love how it turned out, and I am trying to find a way to make one for Easter.

Something else that I love is the mini-easter basket. It has this floral design on it, which I didn't care for, so I skip that in my machine and merged names on them. GREAT Easter gifts, and a great low price. In fact, I currently have them on sale in my shop!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Green Eyed Monster-Envy That Is...

When I first bought my machine and was reading my friend Cole's blog, I saw a fabric eye-glass case that she had made. I. LOVED. IT. and wanted it sooooo bad, but it was for a 5x7 hoop, and as you remember I only had 4x4. I just kept telling myself, "self, you will make that some day!". Then I started reading Terri's blog and she too had made the cases for gifts, and again, I was envious, so I bet you can't guess the very FIRST ITEM that I bought only 20 mintues after getting home with my new guessed it....the fabric eye-glass case from Pickle Pie Designs!

I made my first one the next morning (I got home with my machine around 10:30, and my husband said I had to wait :(), and I think it turned out GREAT! I gave it to my sister Kinley for Valentine's Day. (Excuse the bad picture, I am horrible at taking pics, and my husband wasn't home!)

Then I finally made myself one two weeks later!

Then on Sunday I recieved an order for a boy's version, and was super excited! I think it turned out great!!

Now, I am just envious of their sewing ability, I wish I could say even after taking my sewing class that I signed up for, that I should/could/would be able to sew as good as them, however I know I am not patient, and I can only assume that you would have to have major patience for the items that they make!

Well I am off to buy some designs.....
Till next time!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Busy Weekend

I had a busy but very good weekend. I showed pictures of my sewing room on Saturday, and I am so glad that I got it all organized.

On Friday when I picked Ryan up from work, he informed me that he forgot to tell me that we had to go to a birthday party for a co-workers daughter who is turning 1. Well I knew right away what I wanted to do, a hooded towel made by Cole's tutorial with a cupcake ladybug that I was allowed to test from Lynnie Pinnie. The ladybug has not been released yet, but make sure to get it when it is, it is sooooo cute, and stitches great!

I think I got the name to close to the ladybug, but instead of using my digitizing software, I used my machine to merge the name, next time I will use my software!
I gotta get going to work, but if you would like to purchase a hooded towel that is personalized, just visit my shop!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Accomplished! That is how I feel….

Accomplished! That is how I feel….
I have been looking for fabric storage FOREVER….well about 2 months, but in my world FOREVER is longer than tomorrow! Anyways- I went to IKEA yesterday to pick up my lovely husband and was walking through AS-IS (scratch and dent) and found a wonderful CHEAP ($40.00) bookcase that would be perfect to hold my fabric, blanks, etc. It just so happened that I had some “SewMacy” money on me so I bought it!!
So even though it is a total embarrassment, I will show you before and after pics of my sewing (aka baby’s) room! (The after pics are dark because I don’t have hardly any light at night)

Now for the after: (The closet still needs help!)

Now I am off to complete some orders! Ta-Ta for now....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Testing is so much fun!

I was very lucky to be allowed to test designs yesterday and today, and I have only been able to complete 3 of them so far, but plan on stitching all of them out this weekend.

These designs are from here. Lyndsie is the designer and all of her designs stitch out so nice and even. I own quite a few of her designs already so when I asked if she needed any testing done and she said yes, I was so excited! I believe these designs will be released this weekend.

Well, I must go...I am still testing one now, and I recieved two etsy orders today! WOOHOOO
Ta-Ta For Now.....

Monday, March 8, 2010

What I have been up to......

These last couple of weeks have just flown by! I have been busy with friends in town, orders on etsy (yea) and just playing with my new machine! I have found lots of new websites that I must share with you:

This website has a ton of in the hoop projects for all hoop sizes. They also have designs! Right now the monthly membership is on sale for $5.00 and you will have unlimited download! I have made several items from them and they stitch out great! Just watch the instructions...not the best at times. Here is the latest project that I made:

I also joined the alpha club at 8clawsandapaw. But only for one month, because- no way around it, I am CHEAP and it is $20.00 a month!

I have ben updating my etsy shop and listing things like crazy! I have also been bidding on jobs to try and build the
word about my shop. So good!

I made Knox a shirt for Patty's Day. I found the applique here,(I can't find the picture at the moment!)

I have so much else, however I just saw the it is pouring down rain and my dogs are I must jet!

Oh more site-
great deals on thread, bobbins, and stabilizer....and my Brother machine works great with them. Go and check them out.

Till next time....