Saturday, March 13, 2010

Accomplished! That is how I feel….

Accomplished! That is how I feel….
I have been looking for fabric storage FOREVER….well about 2 months, but in my world FOREVER is longer than tomorrow! Anyways- I went to IKEA yesterday to pick up my lovely husband and was walking through AS-IS (scratch and dent) and found a wonderful CHEAP ($40.00) bookcase that would be perfect to hold my fabric, blanks, etc. It just so happened that I had some “SewMacy” money on me so I bought it!!
So even though it is a total embarrassment, I will show you before and after pics of my sewing (aka baby’s) room! (The after pics are dark because I don’t have hardly any light at night)

Now for the after: (The closet still needs help!)

Now I am off to complete some orders! Ta-Ta for now....

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