Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Progress

Well all of the snow that I posted about sure put me majorly behind. Why you ask? Well Sunday morning we woke up and had about 7-8 inches in town. Now I don't know why, but on the outskirts of town they always have more....they had more like 10-12 inches, plus major wind that made huge snow drifts. So, back to the story at hand, my Husband and I were going to go to my Mom's restaurant, Home Depot (on Tuesday I threw out left over rice down the disposal...did you know that rice and plumbing don't mix, cuz I didn't)and then back home. First I had to go to a friends house and rescue some cats and take them to my Dad. Well as soon as we go onto a county road, things went bad! We were in a ditch in now time. A lot of people stopped and asked if they could help, but no one could get us out....so I called a towing company. It took them an hour to get there, then an hour to get us out after getting stuck several times! So needless to say I ran about 2 hours behind ALL DAY!

I am currently working on business card holders from Friday's Fantastic Fun Fan Friday!

I have about 3 more to finsih! I also have to finish up my Craft It Forward- tissue holders

And I started making some pacifier hol
ders (LOVE making these!)

Plus I am working on some Easter presents, and testing designs for Lisa at Pickle Pie. I wish this could be my full time job!!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL day!

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