Monday, March 29, 2010

Knox's Birthday Banner-Edited at bottom

My husband is going to kill me if he ever reads this, but I have to show you how Knox's Banner turned out. I finsihed it the night before reallly late, and knew I wouldn't have time to take a picture the next morning so I made my husband hold it up so I could get the best light, I know it's still not the best picture, but it looks awesome in person! When I saw the banners that everyone was making I knew I was going to make one for Knox (btw- Knox is my nephew, first baby in the fam, and oh so spoiled), I purchased the banner at, you can the their button to the left, when I purchased the banner a few weeks ago, I added the button because they have some awesome ITH projects.

So without further ado:

Just read my blog updates and found out the are doing a giveaway- go and read all about it!

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